Realtime chat platform with integrated crypto rewards

A comprehensive communication tool with Exchange Data integration and Crypto rewards. Open for everyone to enjoy.

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Coin Rewards

If your messages are voted up and your weight increases you can be rewarded crypto coins

Community Moderated

Message moderation is democratised through the trollbox community via voting system


In message Emojis, counter Emojis, add custom Emojis

Price Tickers & Charts

Exchange price tickers. advanced filters, custom list creation, charting tools

Message Inbox

Don't miss messages if you step away from your machine

Coming Soon

Trollbot - Auto Trading Tool
Trollbox Chrome Extension


Weight Gravity is always pulling your profile to Weight Neutral. This is a gradual process and does not happen instantly.

When your weight increases you will move closer to coin payouts. If your display name turns pink you will gain random coin rewards. In reaching the reward weight, fellow community members don't have the power to vote you down. Weight Gravity will still be pulling you to neutral so keep posting good content to maintain your weight.

If the community votes you down your messages will start to fade. If you fade completely you will enter the Ban Phase.


Let's Go

Linda Coin will be added to trollbox very soon!